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“My goal is to create a flattering light in which guests look and feel their best. I want a bride to be seen at her most beautiful. People spend a large portion of their time and budget on the event design. I make sure their design does not get lost in the shadows. I look to highlight the tabletop design and make other special touches stand out.

Layers of light are very important. I love the contrast of lights and darks. A venue should never be saturated with light like Times Square. I am fond of subtle, understated elegance. Yet at the same time, I am not afraid to be unique and different. I love to transform a space with something totally unexpected and fun.

My lighting creates a mood. The difference between a room with lighting versus one without it is like the difference between eating in a cafeteria under glaring white lights and dining in an upscale lounge with soft romantic mood lighting.”

– Matt Murphy